domingo, 13 de agosto de 2017

Gemini the Twins

Gemini the Twins

The duality of Gemini,
the sign of the twins.
The database Jedi's,
that move like the wind.

jueves, 10 de agosto de 2017

Piscean Dreamer

Piscean Dreamer

Dreamy Piscean,
wishy and washy,
believe in their dream,
but their actions are sloppy!

miércoles, 9 de agosto de 2017

sábado, 22 de julio de 2017



Imagine fresh water, straight from the spring,
Our sons and our daughters, nurtured under our wing.

The fruits or the forest, organic and living,
No cash in our wallet 'cause it's all freely given.

Visualise this picture, where each child is blessed,
With the sacred elixir, from his own mothers breast.

The air rich is oxygen, each breath lasts a life-time,
Your heart chakra open, so nothing can frighten.

Wide eyed bright and early, 'cause you're deeply spell bound,
Yet you're magnified firmly, with your feet on the ground.

Beautiful visuals, surrounded by green,
Feelings residual, more profound than a dream.

The sound of sweet music, yet there are no harps,
'cause the rhythm is fuelled, by the beat of our hearts.

The jungle like a sauna, so warm and inviting,
That each second you're born, into instant delightin'

The sound of fresh water, the songs of the birds,
Our sons and our daughters, knowing nothing of words.

Our skin gently breathing, exposed to the air,
web of life weaving something special & rare.

Edible flowers, and delicate vibrations,
That you truly devour, with endless appreciation.

The scent of the forest sends you almost to tears,
As the flora of the tropics fills the whole atmosphere.

No teachers, no students, no rules and no can't,
Just free-flowing movements, like each pace is a dance.

Viewing the night sky, puts it all in perspective,
Puts you in your right mind, hence your conscience collective.

Human touch deeply healing, putting us in the zone,
it is purely about feelings, beyond flesh, beyond bone.

Nothing straight, nothing square, nothing filled with cheap fillin',
The electron rich air, sends your head truly spinnin'.

Nutrition & minerals, that nurture your body,
yet possessions are minimal, so there's space for the Godly.

A chemical factory, or endogenous drugs,
Fill you to the max, with euphoric love.

See our food is our medicine, and our medicine is our staple,
No substance unnecessary, need come close to our navel.

Man and woman in union, 'cause they want the same thing,
Total dis-illusion, for their future off spring.

All that you know, are your immediate senses,
so your aura glows, no reserves, no pretences.

You third eye wide open, a deep inner knowing,
The great cosmic joke, has you outwardly glowing.

Mathematics perceived, in a spiritual context,
The duality, the unity, no delusional wrong text.

No books, no recordings, and no holding back,
No grasping, no hoarding, because life is an act.

No replacements, no subs, no needless liaisons,
And beauty and love, are the only equations.

A new means of talking, a divine communication,
Body language, and walking, towards perfect creations.

Electro-magnetic energy, rises up through your feet,
So our kundalini, towers up to it's peak.

Our entire environment, is positively charged,
No fighting, no violence, 'cause our perception's so large.

Each moment's an orgasm, with the cosmos it's self,
you fly like Aladdin, with no carpet, just health.

The beauty you see, hear, feel smell and taste,
Whatever appears, is so warmly embraced.

No anticipation, no thoughts of tomorrow,
No appointments, no waiting, no tears and no sorrow.

Acute sensitivity, that words can't describe,
'cause spiritually, physically, in every way you're alive.

Give thanks to the skies, for this incomprehensible existence,
Give it back with no ties, no will power, no resistance.

It's when we realise, that we're not in control,
That the earth and the skies, unify mind and soul.

The air and the earth, the fire, the water,
Sent wondrous bursts down our spine like they ought’a.

We are what we eat, and the food makes us able,
To tap into the mystique, with no stories, no fables.

No conflicting desires, no conscience divided,
Just a soul that's no fire, where you can't close your eyelids.

No cause to think about nothing no more,
Ruled by our instincts, which are inherently in store.

Our body's our mind, and like-wise, visa-versa,
Each sensation's a sign, that so needs to be nurtured.

DMT pumping through our blood from our glands,
Tells us that some things our mind cannot understand.

No papers to sign, and no chores that are borin',
Just love and nutrition to take our consciousness soarin'.
No appointments, no meetings, nothing driving you crazy,
Just fruit eating, excreting, making love, making babies.

Does that sound too simple? Too animalistic?
What, not enough worry wrinkles, logic & linguistics?

Not enough calculations, and stress in the office?
Just a deep fascination, with the life in the forest?

OK, in that case, why not instead,
50 weeks in the rat race, and two weeks on sun beds!

Now imagine our lives are to live out our dreams,
to pour out the love into every last seam.

Our world made of energy, molecules and atoms,
and within these parameters, anything could happen.

So dream it, believe it, a better perspective,
and send out those vibes, straight into the collective.

Faster than cyber world, your thoughts are received,
the power of the ether, you'd better believe.

Our thoughts are like seedlings, that grow like bamboo,
but you must first believe, for the dream, to come true.

viernes, 21 de abril de 2017

A Brief History Of Cannabis

A Brief History Of Cannabis

A brief history of cannabis,
& it's uses in past cultures.
Around 10,000 years back,
it was key in agriculture...